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Sweet 16 Videos
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Every Super Sweet Sixteen-year-old needs her own camera crew!

From party preparations to the after party interview, you deserve to have your own behind the scenes videographer following you throughout your party planning process! A personal videographer is the perfect way to document both the days of planning leading up to your party, and the party itself! Imagine your friends surprise as you show up to planning sessions with your own film crew worthy of any major TV show!

Professional Videos

At Affordable Photography & Video, any Buffalo boy or girl celebrating a super Sweet Sixteen will be the star attraction! This is your chance to show those who think they know, but have no idea how much work actually goes into planning such an amazing party! Affordable Photography & Video uses the latest professional digital cameras and state of the art Apple computers that will capture every moment with the utmost quality.

A Super Sweet Start!

You can use videography as a prelude to your grand entrance, to prep your guests for your arrival! Imagine this: All of your guests have arrived and are waiting excitedly in anticipation for you to enter…. A loud cheer goes up through the crowd as smoke fills the room and a large video screen appears and shows a montage of pictures of you to high-energy music and a movie theatre trailer about you and your life. A big finish a BURST of fire, and you emerge from your hiding place ready to bask in the glory that is your Sweet Sixteen celebration! Not only will your entrance be remembered by all for years to come, but the guest of honor will also have their copy of their entrance video to reflect fondly upon.

Post your videos on the web!

You may not be featured on your own sweet 16 TV show, but you can be an internet party prince or princess by posting your finished video’s online! Other young party planners will look to you to view Sweet Sixteen ideas, and look in awe at how amazing your party was in full color HD video!

You become the Feature Presentation!

Who needs TV? After the party, send out your own thanks for coming by sending your guests a DVD from Affordable Photography & Video edited to make your own Spectacular Sweet Sixteen TV Show starring you and your party! The videographer will take the hours of raw footage compiled over the planning leading up to the party, the party itself, and after party interviews, and edit it to make your own TV show! Your guests will squeal with glee when they receive their copy of your sweet 16 birthday party DVD and pop it into their computer ASAP to re-live your awesome soiree for years to come! At the end of the DVD record a special message of thanks to show your appreciation for your family and friends. It will surely be a message no one will ever forget!

Don’t delay, book your videographer today!