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Sweet 16 Tiara
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Sweet Sixteen Accessories

Be the bell of the ball with Sweet Sixteen accessories sure to make you shine! A sweet 16 rhinestone, diamond, or crystal tiara is a must for any young birthday princess! Create your own fairytale with accessories by Dyed To Match! Their expert staff will help you serve as your personal stylists and help you find the perfect touches to complement your party dress! From headpieces to shoes, Dyed to Match will help you sparkle from head to toe!

Tips on choosing the perfect Sweet Sixteen hair accessory

• The first step is selecting the perfect party outfit. Let your personality show with your selection of your gown. Your dress should reflect your sense of style and your elegant sense of self on your birthday.

• Doing your hairstyle research also helps in your accessory selection process, for updo’s smaller tiaras look stunning, if you want to leave your hair down, a fancy rhinestone headband or sparkly hair clips will leave your guests speechless by your beauty. A surprising good place to research Sweet Sixteen hairstyles would be bridal magazines.

• Hair types can play a part in selection of accessories. As discussed, longer hair can be deserving of rhinestone heavy clips that can be supported by adequate amounts of hair, whereas shorter, thinner hair may benefit most from smaller delicate wire and pearl tiara’s or headbands.

Be the queen of your court!

An excellent idea to distinguish your VIP friend posse from other partygoers is to give your very important BFF’s matching smaller tiaras and jewelry similar to your own! Imagine their joy as they follow you to star studded glory and party till the break of dawn! Everyone will know you are the queen of the scene surrounding by your glittering court!

Star Struck

You don’t have to be a pageant queen to emulate celebrities like Paris, Britney, J-Lo, Fergie, Carmen or Jessica to wear a princess crown! Strut your stuff with a sparkly creation from Dyed to Match! There’s no shade that will match the envy green on your friends face as you make your glittering grand entrance!

A Historic Trademark!

Kings and emperors of lands far away long ago have worn tiaras and crowns made of richly adorned fabric and leather. If you’re having an ancient themed Sweet Sixteen, why not adorn your head with a roman wreath gold leaf crown? Once the ultimate status symbols of ancient kings and queens were crowns and tiaras, however, as time passed these headpieces or hair jewelry adornments have evolved as tokens of love passed to children from doting parents. Hence why many young women and brides adorn themselves with these symbolic hair decorations given to them by their loving parents. This is a parents chance to relive the memories of their daughter’s childhood as they place a rhinestone crown atop the head of their grinning daughter in remembrance of the yellow daffodil flower wreaths they used to make!

A Super Sweet Match!

Since 1989 Dyed to Match has been in the business of ensuring your occasion is special. They understand how important your birthday is and they will do everything to ease your mind that all you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself, looking elegant. Stop by to see what fairytale accessories we can help you select!