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Sweet 16 Photos
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Capture your precious moments in pictures

A photo captures a single moment in time, it holds it, guards it, making the moment last a lifetime for you to reflect back upon. Sadly, we can only be sixteen once, but you can relive the joy and exuberance felt on the night of your party for years to come while looking back at photographs taken at your party.

Dreams in Digital

Make sure you get your pictures on a CD so you can upload and load up on fabulous comments on your posted pics! Tag all of your closest friends on your favorite social networking site in your professional party photos! All of your friends will be commenting online about your crazy fun birthday party celebration as they check out your pics online.

Helpful advice from your personal paparazzi!

Wozniak’s Photography knows this is a special night for young males and females alike, and capturing precious moments like these has been their passion for years. Because this is a once in a lifetime event, Wozniak’s Photography offers the Sweet Sixteen celebrants the following helpful tips and advice.

Photography Tip #1 : Why you should hire a professional

Without a doubt, your photographer should be a full time photography studio. Many times, a family acquaintance that does event photography on the side may bow out days before the event, for any number of reasons, leaving your guest of honor stressed and panicked. There are many "part time" photographers that run their businesses out of their home. Problem is, your Sweet 16 takes secondary importance to their full time job. Wozniak's is a full time, full service studio that will always put your precious photographic memories first.

Photography Tip #2 : Know you’re getting a great photographer

Your photographer should be as energized and creative as the young guest of honor, ready to take photographs that encapsulate the entire joyous atmosphere of the event! Many studios will book as many weddings as they can, and hire anyone off the street who can point and click a camera. At Wozniaks, they've had the same 8 photographers for over 9 years. In order to keep the photographers refreshed and revitalized for your event, they only book 5 events on any single day, and ensure at least 3 photographers are off every weekend for a few reasons. By rotating photographers on weekends, you are guaranteed a photographer that is truly excited and happy to be at your event, with a mindset that is totally into your party and is ready to get creative to take exciting and new interesting photos your guests will be gasping and gushing over for months after the event!

Photography Tip #3 : Your photographer should be there for you!

Your Sweet Sixteen celebration is a 24 hour affair! Make sure to find a photographer that is willing to truly be there for you from start to finish! All of Wozniak’s packages include full day coverage. From the guest of honor’s home to the party venue, your party prince or princess will feel like the star they are with their own personal paparazzi. Only this photo guru won't get in your way! The party is completely candid, you won't get pulled aside to do pictures. Your party is your time to shine, and Wozniak's will provide the flash to your sparkle!

Photography Tip #3 : They’re your memories, keep them!

Proof you should stick with the full time pros. The newest gimmick in photography is where photographers put a number limit on photo proofs you receive. For example, they limit you at 150 then, they shoot 300 and you are left expected to pay for the extras! Why on earth would you book a photographer that does not give you everything he takes? Many others will give you the images on a CD, or tiny one inch thumbnail photo proofs 12 to a page. At Wozniaks, you get every proof they take as a 4x6 photograph in an album that is yours to keep. There is no limit; everything they shoot is yours to keep!

Photography Tip #4 : Check for References!

Even a bad photographer can do at least a few good weddings in a year. These would be the references he gives you. Don’t ask the photographer for references, ask your friends, or people at work…. Better yet, ask event planning professionals. Those in the Sweet Sixteen, event planning, and wedding photography industry all know of each other’s reputations. The guest of honor shouldn’t be the only one doing homework!

Now that’s your in the know, check out Wozniaks in Buffalo!