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It’s called Sweet Sixteen for a reason!

What’s a birthday without cake and ice cream? What’s a birthday with cake, ice cream, a chocolate fountain, and gourmet dippables like fresh strawberries or oven-baked cookies? A SUPER sweet birthday treat fit for any guy or gal’s big birthday celebration!

Let’s talk CAKE.

Sweet 16 cakes are all about decadence and extravagance, and of course, the masterpiece must match the theme! And when you have your cake made at Muscoreil's Fine Desserts, Gourmet Cakes and Bistro, you can be SURE your cake will look as fabulous as it tastes!

We’ve all had the typical store bought, dry, sponge-like traditional birthday cake with frosting slapped on the top, and your name scrawled out hap-hazardly across the top by a rookie caterer. A celebration such as this deserves ever so much more! By ordering a professionally made moist, delicious, tasty Sweet Sixteen birthday cake from Muscoreil’s you ensure your cake was made by Western New York’s finest top artists, chefs, sculptors, and culinary masters, who put just as much love and effort into your cake as you have in planning your party! Your parents have watched as you’ve grown into an adult, watching your progress through the years much like our dedicated chef’s watch our cakes rise over time in the oven. And just like your parents helped you to reach success, our top artists spend time shaping the cakes to become as special as your own personality. After all, quality only occurs when you care enough to do your best every time.

You’ve got so much on your plate already; let Muscoreils’ take some planning woes and turn them to party WOW’s! Can you imagine your guests’ faces as they gaze upon your perfect confectionary creation covered in yummy flavored frosting, glittering with adornments and candles? They’ll be salivating at first sight!

Designed with you in mind!

The cake serves as a focal point for many birthday celebrations (aside from the birthday boy or girl!), so let your inner design diva go crazy with some incredible edible creations! As mentioned before, your birthday cake should reflect your party theme so go all out! The staff at Muscoreil’s is more than happy to work with you to make your ideal design dream come true!

Theme Cakes

Too cool to eat! Your tasty confectionary concoction designed with your guest of honor in mind, will be so cool to look at, your guests wont want to ruin it! But those qualms will be long gone once they taste your delicious dessert! Muscoreil’s employs buffalo’s finest artists to create your cakes. Their staff of culinary experts will help you mold your theme into a delectable artistic tasty treat.

Casino Royale

Show your guests your poker face with cakes shaped and decorated like stacks of poker chips, or slot machines. You’ll sure to hit the jackpot with your guests!

Sports Enthusiast

No matter if you are a Bills, Sabers, Bisons, or Bandits fan, Muscoreils has designed them all! Be true to your fantasy football buff with a sports cake! Your guest of honor will shortly become the MVP!

Princess Castle

Be queen of your castle with a design straight from the pages of your favorite fairy tale. A dream is a wish your heart makes, but a perfect theme cake is a dream that Muscoreils bakes!

You dream it, they design it. Check out their website for more tasty temptation inspiration!

Other tasty treats!

Of course, once your guests see your delicious cake, they’re going to get hungry! Keep your guests satiated by offering mouth watering appetizers such as a chocolate fountain or choose from Muscoreil’s diverse appetizers such as petite Italian / European Style and American traditional cookies, over 50 signature elegant finger desserts, pastry tables, pies, tarts, chocolates, even coffee items! They took the time to pack your presents and goodies, return the favor by stuffing them with your delicious edible treats!